10 New Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

10 New Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

My day actually starts & ends with his phone calls – and I don’t really see my life sans him. To me, every single day is Father’s Day because I know I am the most important person in his life. He will sense my mood seated 1462 kms away; he can read my mind when I am holding some grudge within; and he will know exactly what I want in which season, time of the day, or state of mind (without even being told).

Last Diwali when I was home, I found one very old (almost tattered) diary that once belonged to my dad. I discovered many hidden things about my dad and got to know him a notch better. I don’t stay with my family due to professional reasons and that leaves me with meager opportunity to make my dad feel special quite often. But as I unearthed many new dimensions about my dad, my way of thanking him for this beautiful life has surely changed.

It is true that with kids, things change for parents. My dad also changed with my arrival and I want to give his life back to him. Not that he is not living his life now – but he has forgotten some old passions and thus, there is a need to remind him about them:

  1. He is 6 feet tall and always had a great physique (as per the diary and also from my bleak childhood memory). With age, he has turned a bit pale now. I wanted him to be comfortable in his own body and thus fixed an appointment with a dietician who handed over a list of food items and some brisk exercises. He started this routine 5 months ago and cannot stop gushing over how healthy he feels now.
  2. In that diary, one thing was quite rampant – his road trips with his best friends. That diary belonged to the mid-’70s and he wrote about his fun-filled road trips to Pondicherry, Mussoorie, and Digha. I am planning the same road trip for him, but for a change this time it will be me and my sister instead of his friends.
  3. Reading has always been his hobby. I remember he used to take me to the local library to issue new books every week. I seldom see him reading these days as he got busier with his growing business. Therefore, I gifted him Kindle a few months ago. Initially, he wasn’t much appreciative of technology replacing the scent of books, but now I see him spending his free time post lunch and dinner with Kindle. I feel really good for him that he is reviving his hobby!
  4. I used to think that I am the only big movie buff in my family until I heard a story from a friend of my dad, Mr. Majhi. He said that my dad used to watch every latest release in theater “1st day, 1st show”. If he happens to like the movie, he used to spend all his weekends in the theater only until the next change. I couldn’t believe my ears because I got scolded for watching too many movies. So, on his upcoming birthday, I have planned to gift him a collection of DVD’s of his favorite movies so that he can watch them again and again!
  5. Dad always told me about his adventurous trips – spending nights in a jungle or roaming in unknown cities with meager money. He gave up that passion because the family needed him more. I really want his adventure to continue and thus will soon take him for paragliding and river rafting.
  6. All my childhood photo albums smile with pictures taken by my dad in various parts of India. That actually reminds me of another of his passions – photography. Caves of Ajanta, Dilwara Temple, or a simple 25th December picnic at the local poolside – he actually treasured stories in those albums. I don’t see him taking pictures anymore and thus would gift him a digital camera too.
  7. I know very well that my dad loves to travel. He reads travel journals, watches travel documentaries, and shares his stories of traveling with relatives. In the hurry of growing up and making his career, dad had to give up traveling almost completely. So, I have already promised my dad that from this year onwards, I will plan at least 3 big holidays with him.
  8. Dads feel proud and happy when he sees his kids pursuing their hobbies or habits. My dad always taught me the importance of taking care of plants. I have never harmed any greenery but I really haven’t invested my time into gardening. However, I have started working towards this goal. I have taken the baby steps by bringing air purifying plants for my balcony and planting some flowering plants on my terrace. The pictures will make him smile I know.
  9. I am actively working on writing my first book which will be a collection of short stories. I am not sure if he will like my book but he’ll definitely be proud of holding it.
  10. My dad is an admirer of art. So, I have decided I will push him to pack his bags and go visiting with him the best art museums in the world – Le Louvre in Paris, The Acropolis Museum in Athens, The British Museums in London, etc.

Since the day I was born – my father has done countless things for me out of his unconditional love for me. And now I feel its pay-back time and I will definitely think big. Whether there is a need to celebrate father’s day or not, am not really sure, but am kind of sure that he deserves a celebration all through the year.


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