7 Quick Tips To Cure Your New Year Hangover

How the New Year Party was last night guys? It must have been wonderful and you must have made some unforgettable memories with your group of close friends and relatives. You must have done some crazy dance steps, shared some secrets with your pals, prepared some yummy food, and went out for a long drive afterward – in short, you have enjoyed to the core! And then post the New Year Eve Party you are suffering from a bad hangover. So, here are some quick tips for you to know that would cure your New Year Hangover. Follow them and also share with your friends and help them.

Have A Drink The Next Morning:

Isn’t that paradoxical to have another drink to treat a hangover? Oh Yes! it is, but that works well as a treatment for a hangover. There is an interesting science behind this logic – drinking more alcohol affects the metabolism of methanol which is a congener present in trace amounts in some drinks. So, after drinking, the body converts methanol into formaldehyde which is highly toxic. This formaldehyde is responsible for hangover symptoms. But consumption of alcohol in the morning after drinking all through the night can hinder this conversion process preventing formaldehyde.

Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Sometimes, hangovers are related to low level of blood sugar which is known as hypoglycemia. Although hypoglycemia is not directly related to a hangover but it can affect the symptoms such as lethargic attitude, weakness, or a headache. A nutritious breakfast is thus very important to support your body and mind.

Get Enough Sleep:

Alcohol can play big time with your sleep. It can impair both the quality of your sound sleep and the duration. Less amount of sleep can cause hangover along with fatigue and petulance. Fatigue and petulance are after-effects of the hangover which don’t let you work in peace. So, make sure you sleep really well.

Some Exercise Would Help:

When standing and walking may seem like big tasks, it takes great willpower to do some exercise definitely. However, a little bit of exercise would help you in curing your New Year hangover. It would restore your body and mind by increasing the metabolism so that the toxins flush out faster. Simply, opt for a short walk in fresh air or practise “breathe in” and “breathe out” several times in an open space. Remember, that a little sunshine and a light breeze would work wonders for you!

Don’t Consume Coffee:

On usual days, a cup of coffee may give you the kick for the morning but it is not advised when you are on a bad hangover post your New Year Celebration. Because that would dehydrate you more. Have tea instead of coffee as tea has less caffeine in comparison to coffee. Remember not to boil your water which you would use for your tea. Simply warm it or brew a decaf tea or try a caffeine-free rooibos tea that is high in antioxidants.

Take A Good Shower:

A good shower is very important to cure your bad hangover. Once you wake up in the morning or done with your sleep during the afternoon or evening, go for a nice shower. Apart from cleaning up, it would freshen you up and wake up your senses. If possible switch between cold and hot water in the shower.

Have Plenty of Water:

Make sure you drink plenty of water before crashing off after your New Year party. Water will help you mitigate the morning signs of hangover i.e., headache and thirst. See, the thing is, alcohol is diuretic and that makes you pee often and that’s why there is a huge loss of dehydration. Although dehydration alone is not a reason for a hangover but it surely contributes to its symptoms like thirst, headache, or dry mouth. When you get up in the morning, have a big glass of water.

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