Common Houseplant Myths Debunked

Common Houseplant Myths Debunked

There are certain things about plants that you must have read online or heard from your near and dear ones. It can be tips & tricks on how to water plants, what to feed them or how to take care of them. Well, there’s a lot of misinformation about plants out there that are shared quite often, and people start believing them.

In this blog, we will talk about some houseplant care misconceptions and debunk the plant myths.

Myth: You should water your houseplants constantly

Fact: Too much water is not good for your plants. It makes difficult for plants to pull nutrients from the soil and leads to root rot.

Myth: Plants grow bigger in bigger pots

Fact: Indoor plants do well in pots that are balanced with the size of the plant and its roots. If the pot is too large for a plant, too much soil will surround the roots. And when you water the plant, it will stay wet too long, and the roots may rot. 

Myth: If you don’t have a green thumb, you can’t keep plants alive

Fact: You need basic information to care for your plants. A houseplant guide can help you learn basic things, like how to water plants, where to keep them, or how to re-pot your plants. 

Myth: Misting plants increase the humidity

Fact: Misting plants increase the humidity by a little percentage, but its effect is temporary. However, it does help keep plants clean.

Myth: Plants are not safe for kids or pets

Fact: Not all indoor plants are unsafe for kids. There are a few indoor plants that are toxic if consumed. If you bring those plants home, keep them out of reach of your pets and little ones.

Myth: Indoor plants need a lot of direct sunlight

Fact: Some indoor plants benefit from a lot of direct sunlight while others prefer less sun and suffer from sunburn when exposed to direct sunlight all day long. 

Myth: Yellow leaves mean overwatering

Fact: These symptoms may have many possible causes, including inadequate light, overwatering, too little water, excess fertiliser, and poor soil quality.

Myth: Indoor plants need fertilisers for growing

Fact: Plants only need water, sunlight, and fresh air to grow. You can speed up the growth process of plants with fertiliser, but excess nutrients can accumulate in the soil and burn roots or cause leaf discolouration.

Myth: You should water your plants when they’re wilting

Fact: Most plants show signs of wilting when they need water, but there could be a different reason as well. Do a quick check. You might have overwatered the plant. Check if the soil is still wet. Does the plant get enough light? Are there any pests?

Myth: Indoor plants go dormant in winter

Fact: Most of the plants come from warm and humid regions. During winter, the air is dry and days are colder. Therefore, it is almost impossible for plants to replicate the same conditions that affect their growth and people misapprehend it for dormancy.

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