Did You Know Peony Flowers Represent a Happy Marriage?


Peonies are beautiful, fragrant flowers which are native to Asia, Europe, and Western North America. These are popular garden plants in temperate region areas and belong to the family of Paeoniaceae.

The exquisite peony flower has been growing happily for decades and is a popular choice as cut flowers as they speak a special language.

Peony Flowers For Happy Marriage

Peony flowers have several symbolic meanings, one of which is good fortune and happy marriage. They are traditionally known as the flowers of 12th wedding anniversary. They are often gifted to couples on their 12th wedding anniversary.
In many cultures, it is believed that having peony flowers at your wedding will increase your chances of having a happy married life and prosperity.

As per Feng-Shui, peony flowers attract romantic relationships for those who are singles, especially pink peony. To attract love and new relationships, people often keep peony flowers near them. It is believed that Chi-Energy released by Peonies, attracts wonderful partners. To attract a wonderful life partner for a woman, it is best to keep peony flowers or plant in the living room. Whereas, for men who are looking for a potential life partner, peonies should be kept in the southwest of the bedroom. As per Feng-Shui, peony flowers have the same effect as a love potion.

Peony has been associated with romance for a very long time now. In China, during the time of the Tang Dynasty, the grooms family would provide the bride’s family with the Peony, in the form of a dowry. The legendary beauty Yang Gui Fei is likened to a peony flower.

There are other symbolisms of peony flowers like compassion. It is believed that the peony flower is named after the Greek physician of the gods- Paeon. As per the story, Paeon was a student the God’s of Medicine- Aesculapius. When Pluto was healed by Paeon using one of the peony roots, Aesculapius became jealous of his talents and wanted to kill Paeon. To save Paeon, Pluto turned him to a peony flower that would be admired and loved by people. This is why peony flower is associated with compassion.

Fun Trivia About Peony Flowers:

  • Peony flowers are found in all colours except for the colour blue.
  • It is believed that light pink peony flowers are more fragrant than the maroon ones.
  • In China, Peony flower is known as Sho Yu which literally means most beautiful.
  • In China, the Peony flower is seen as a symbol of honor and prosperity.
  • White peony flower is one of the oldest remedies in Chinese medicine. Peony root is the part valued is used to treat conditions such as convulsion.
  • It is believed that having peony flowers in your wedding would lead to a happy married life.
  • When Marco Polo first saw peonies, he described it as “roses as big as cabbage.”
  • Ants help peony flowers bloom. They are attracted to the nectar produced by the flower buds. Ants climb up the plants and help open the flower in order to get the nectar from the buds. They also keep peonies safe from other harmful insects.
  • Peony is the state flower of Indiana.
  • One of the most popular cities to see peonies in China is Luoyang, which is sometimes referred to as the City of Peony.
  • Peonies are valued for its medicinal use around the world. In the medieval times, roots and seeds of peony flowers were believed to cure over 20 diseases including epilepsy & snake bites. In England, children were made to wear a peony necklace around their neck to prevent seizures and ease the pain of teething.

Peony flowers are not only beautiful but have some great stories associated with it, along with medicinal uses. Keeping them around the house is very beneficial and if you are looking at peony flowers online, they are easily available.


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