Kiss Day Special: Know Some Strange Facts About Kissing

Strange Kiss Day Facts

The dictionary definition of Kiss is “a touch or caress with the lips”. It is the most normal expression of not only love but also care, admiration, respect, and appreciation. In various cultures, kissing the hands or cheeks are the ways of formal greeting. But on a broader sense, a kiss is a sign that registers that you have a positive and lovely feeling for the other person. Being the normal expression of love, Kiss finds a day in the Valentine Week. And as its Kiss Day tomorrow, we thought to entertain you with some weird & interesting facts about

Quite A Muscular Process:

You simply don’t have any idea how muscular the process of kissing is! Next time, you kiss someone, let that person know that it requires 146 muscles in total to kiss – 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. Love is never easy dude – it requires energy surely!

Kissing Style Was Devised While In The Womb:

Do you know that the way you kiss was fed in your system while you were in your mother’s womb? A German researcher studies 100 couples and saw that at least 2/3rd of them tilted their heads to the right – now mostly that’s the natural inclination while babies are in their mom’s womb. So, if you like to tilt your head to the left while kissing that may mean that you mostly tilted your head to the left while in your mother’s womb.

Weird Kiss Laws Across The World:

Who knew that kissing can come with laws and protocols? In Colorado’s Logan, a man is prohibited to kiss a woman while she is asleep. In Hartford of Connecticut, men are restricted to kiss their wives on Sundays.

What’s The Theory Behind XOXO?

In the standard book of codes among lovers, XOXO is a common way of greeting especially in written notes of messages on phone. X stands for kisses while O stands for hugs. Now, do you know how this X came into existence to suggest kisses? Well, it dates back to the Middle Ages when people were of course not educated. The peasants of Middle Ages marked “X” as a signature and then kissed the document as an added gesture of authenticity.

Kissing Was Banned Too:

Kissing – the most normal gesture of love was banned once. It was King Henry VI who banned kissing in England on 16th July 149. He wanted to stop the spread of a certain kind of disease in his kingdom. Later in the 16th century in Naples, kissing in public was banned and was also declared a punishable offense. The punishment in some severe cases was death. Seems like the enemies of love existed in every century!

World Record of Kiss:

Can you believe that some people have made staggering world records out of kissing? Yes, the record for the longest-lasting kiss was made by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat of Thailand. They locked their lips for 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds.

Longest Kiss On Screen:

You’re in the Army Now of 1941 reportedly had the longest kiss on screen from the past century. The kiss lasted for 3 minutes and 6 seconds. Elena Undone of 2010 had a kiss of 3 minutes and 24 seconds and that still tops the chart. But guess what, Bollywood is way ahead than the west in this department. The movie was Karma that released in 1933 featuring Devika Rani & Himanshu Rai had the longest kiss for 4 minutes.

Keep Kissing & Stay Healthy:

Research says that kissing is good for health. Kissing helps in burning calories (about 2-3 per minute), boosts the immune system, releases aches, and averts cavities. So, this Kiss Day, pledge to kiss more (of course with consent) and stay healthy.

Don’t forget to share these interesting facts about Kiss with your friends! Hope you spend your Kiss Day & the upcoming Valentine’s Day well with your sweetheart.

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