#Trendsetting Wedding Cake Designs

#trendsetting wedding cake designs

Committing to stand by someone you love for life is the true essence of a wedding. When you wish to spend the rest of your life with someone, the world seems perfect.

“Your love story is beautiful and so should be your wedding.” As that thought struck my mind, the following question was “what actually makes the wedding beautiful?”

I was wondering about all these wedding questions because my best friend was getting married, and I was supposed to take care of so many things from the decor to wedding cake designs. I just wanted her to have a beautiful wedding.

Importance of the Wedding Cake

Choosing the décor, deciding the menu and making other arrangements was a cakewalk as I knew exactly what she loved. The one thing which was undone was to select the wedding cake. So, I started surfing the internet about wedding cakes. I was trying to figure out the right type of cake for the wedding and came across a really interesting fact about the wedding cakes.

Every tier in a three-tier wedding cake signifies something. The bottom tier of the cake signifies happiness & celebration which is why it is supposed to be eaten at the ceremony. The middle tier is for distributing after the event as it is believed that it brings good luck to all guests and the couple. In the past, the top tier signified happy life for the couple and is said to be saved until the first child’s christening or the first wedding anniversary.

As interesting as it sounds, I believe the true significance of the wedding cake is that it adds the essence of sweetness to the wedding.

Being a cake connoisseur, I feel a wedding cake is very important. Cakes, in general, are very important. Everyone at the wedding is looking forward to the cake cutting ceremony. They always add extra happiness to the occasion, and a delicious cake is definitely the best way to celebrate the joyful moment of getting married.

Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Since everyone at the wedding eats the cake, what I needed was a scrumptious & trend-setting wedding cake design. Where could I find some unique wedding cake designs? That’s exactly when I came across Ferns N Petals. I already love cakes from Ferns N Petals, but I didn’t know they had wedding cakes too. As I browsed through the cakes, I found some really beautiful designs. I’d like to share some with you:

The Glamorous Wedding Cake

A delicious fondant truffle cake which not only looks beautiful but tastes heavenly! This cake has a stylish look which will surely add the magical wave of happiness to the wedding.

3 Tier Chocolate Cream Cake

A creamy delicious chocolate cake with a moist base. It is a 3 tier traditional cake with the most ambrosial look. And who doesn’t love a slice of a creamy fine-looking chocolate cake?

White Rose Wedding Cake

A traditional white rose wedding cake to add elegance to the wedding. This wedding cake is perfect if you’re going for a subtle and classy wedding theme.

Rose Fondant Cake

A two-tiered delectable cake, available in multiple flavours, this cake is made for the lovers. People would be talking about this designer cake for days.

Valentine Red Hearts

A small gathering? Try out this Valentine red hearts cake which I believe is perfect as your better half is going be your valentine for the rest for your life. The heart-shaped cake is lovingly designed with beautiful red hearts. Apart from adding charm to the wedding, this cake is sure to add the feeling of joy & love to the wedding.

Browsing through numerous wedding cake designs, these were few cakes I loved. Selecting from all these beautiful wedding cakes was surely tough, but the one I chose was definitely the right option. Everyone at the wedding loved the cake and went for second servings.

Which one did I choose? Let that be a mystery! I’ll just say it was a beautiful wedding.

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