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Diwali has been celebrated since ancient times. There are many legends related to Diwali celebration. One well known legend that surrounds Diwali apart from the legend of Lord Rama?s return from his 14 year long exile is found in the Hindu epic, 'Mahabharata'. Mahabharata states the ill-treatment of five royal brothers, the Pandavas, who had lost their wife, Draupadi, in the game of dice played against their step-brothers. The Pandavas not only lost their wife but also their share of the land and were sentenced to 13 years of exile. The 13 years passed by and the Pandavas along with Draupadi and their mother returned to their hometown, Hastinapura on the day of 'Kartik Amavashya'. Their honesty, integrity and gentle nature had won the hearts of all the people of Hastinapura. They embraced the return of their beloved kings by lighting up their houses with earthen diyas. Since then the tradition of keeping alive the joyous return of Pandavas has been followed.No matter which legend is followed, Diwali is related to joyous welcoming of Lord Rama and the Pandavas. It also marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year and hence is it customary to send traditional Indian sweets to your loved ones and gift them with something new. The tradition of exchanging gifts spreads a smile on everyone?s faces and is a beautiful gesture of welcoming the New Year.

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