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Vastu Shastra Tips

Vastu Shastra Tips for Home

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science of Architecture. While we all have heard about Vastu Shastra but most of us are not fully aware of what it is exactly is and why is it important? Vastu Shastra literally translates to the science of architecture, and it describes

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year


Anniversaries are special occasions indeed; they're commemorations of a couple's successful journey throughout all the challenges thrown by life and their commitment towards each other. Anniversaries should always be celebrated, particularly when

What does your Birth Month say about you?


You might not know this, but your birth month affects your personality to a great degree. According to numerologists, birth months can influence a person's choice of career, friends and partners as well as their overall characteristics.

How to Surprise Your Long Distance Girlfriend on Her Birthday?


So it's your girl's birthday and she is miles away from you and you want to make her feel special on her birth day? Yes, it's possible. Giving her a surprise visit is something everyone will come up with but what about adding a little spice to it.

Why Are Long Distance Relationships The Best?


Anyone who's ever been in a long distance relationship will agree that they are super hard. You do not get to touch your partner for days at a stretch, and the only way you can see them is through web chat. But, surprisingly, there is a sunny side to having a long distance relationship. It is unbelievable, right? Here's why long distance relationships are absolutely amazing

Is It Necessary to Show Off Your Love on Social Media?

Social media is taking the world by storm. We hardly spend an hour in the day without looking at our phones and documenting our day-to-day activities online. The obsession with social media is partly driven by an urge to feel validated by others. And this urge can seep into other facets of our life,

Top 10 Romantic Gift Ideas for Her


With the holiday season just around the corner, you must be under a lot of pressure to find the perfect gift for girlfriend/wife. Although she might not be exceptionally choosy, it is really nice to give her something that celebrates the love you both share.

Top 10 Romantic Gift Ideas for Him


Gifts are a way of showing appreciation to the ones you adore, be it close friends or family. When it comes to gifting the love of your life, the decision gets tougher. Little gestures matter. This does not really require an occasion.

Holiday Calendar For 2018


You know that no legitimate calendar is ever complete without the mention of holidays. That's all the more reason to get your holiday calendar ready for the next year.

How to Propose Her at Work?


Marriage is one of the most important decisions one can ever take in their lifetime. Choosing the right partner for yourself and committing to spend your entire life with them needs a lot of thinking before it.

How to Propose in The Most Romantic Way?


The thought of popping the question to the love of our lives inevitably makes us jittery no matter what! There is no method by the rulebook that will make for the perfect way to profess love but your discretion based on the likes of your lover can get you out of the situation as a winner.

5 Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas to Wow


There are always times when you don't know what you should plan for a holiday, especially when you are trying to surprise someone. There are numerous ideas that you can plan, but if you are the one planning the date for Valentine's Day, then here are some unique ideas that will surprise your valentine.

How to Have The Best First Date on Valentine's Day


Dating first time on the occasion of Valentine's Day and feeling excited? Do not panic much as this is going to be your first and prime chance to impress your special one. Valentine'€™s Day is an important day for the couples in love.

Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Him!


Why should the men always have to deal with planning the dates for Valentine's Day? Women are just as capable of coming up with a unique and romantic ideas for the date. This is the most romantic day of the year, so you should think of something special for both of you.

Tips to Keep Romance Alive in A Relationship


Everyone loves the initial stages of a romance. It is full of passion, excitement, magic and more. Couples struggle to keep their hands off of each other, spend hours on the phone talking, and want to surprise and impress each other.

9 Things to do when You are Missing Your Bae!!


Sometimes missing someone is your heart's signal to you that you love them. There are days when you know that someone is special to you and when days don't seem right without them.

How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship


Long distance relationships are sweet but sometimes fill our minds with questions too; is she worth waiting? Does he feel the same way as I do? Would it be better to date a person who is near to me?

Celebrating Kiss Day in the most Unique Way


Hug Day, Rose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day etc. can be celebrated with friends, family members as well as your spouse or your soul mate. However, kiss day is a day which you can celebrate only with your beloved. A kiss is a very intimate moment and you can only share it with your companion for life.

Wackiest Valentine's Gifts You Can Ever Consider!


Valentine's Day crawls up each year with the desire that we should all show love and thankfulness through mindful endowments. In any case, a speedy hunt on the Internet will demonstrate that not all Valentine's Day blessings are as significant as we may trust.

Creative Promise Day Pledges for Beloved


Unfortunately the idea of togetherness has completely changed today. The divorce rates have gone up tremendously and the break up rates have gone up higher. The meaning of the phrase "Until death do us part" has lost its significance completely.

How To Make Your Own Valentine's Day Card

Surprise your loved ones this Valentine's Day by making them a clothesline loaded with Valentine's Day cards, disclosing to them how much they mean to you. This DIY Valentine's Day blessing is easy to make for sure!

Make Chocolate & Teddy Day Extra Special


With half of the festivals being completed in the initial three days of Valentine's week, there comes yet one more day for lovebirds. This day is Teddy Day.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary is a special occasion and should be celebrated with full excitement. However, if it is your 50th anniversary then nothing can be more important than that. Having 50 glorious years of married life and celebrating the day is a wonderful feeling.

Top 6 Anniversary Surprise Ideas For Him

Men are from Mars; they are the life supporters for all and are known for their strength and grit. Yet, like women, men also like gifts and cherish surprises.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

A wedding anniversary calls for celebrations. It becomes more special if it is the anniversary of your Mom and dad because you can look forward to have a huge celebration and much fun. It calls for an even grander celebration

Did You Forget Your Anniversary Again?

There are certain very special occasions and days which cannot be forgotten and they would definitely be the Birthdays, Anniversary. The anniversary is always a special day for couples. On this particular day, the couple shares their heartfelt feelings and have the most intimate time.

Top 8 Destinations for Anniversary Celebrations in India

The anniversary is a day of celebrations. This day is marked by oodles of love and affection and happiness between the couple. To make anniversaries even better and enjoyable couples prefer to travel to various destinations and explore many things and share their happiness

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

Exactly three-sixty-five days ago, when you took your marriage vows, you didn't imagine that in this one-year time you will have such lovely moments in your life. The first anniversary gifts were traditionally made of paper, as it is believed that a paper's strength comes from its

Top 8 Anniversary Surprise Ideas for Her

The anniversary is one of the most important days of the year. It is a date to remember, enjoy and celebrate. On this day people plan various surprises for their loved ones. The anniversary is a day when the couple would love to spend some quality time together.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Foodie Friend

Everyone has that irrepressible foodie friend who is simply insatiable when it comes to hogging on culinary treats whenever and wherever possible! If your foodie friend has his/her birthday coming up, you'd do well to plan some creative surprises.

Top 7 Birthday Gift ideas

Birthdays are incomplete without gifts! We all look forward to receiving gifts from our loved ones on our birthdays. Also, a birthday is a time when you should go the extra mile to bring a smile on the face of your friend, family member, spouse, child or colleague.

Best Milestone Birthday Gifts

Although all birthdays are special, some are more significant than the other. Birthdays like the 18th, 25th, 50th and so on mark significant milestones in our lives and are representative of all the trials and tribulations that we went through to get to that point in our lives.

When Did The Birthday Tradition Start?

We live under the misconception that birthday celebrations are a fairly recent convention. In reality, this is far from the truth. Read on to find out how and why the birthday tradition originated.

What Is The Best Way To Give A Birthday Surprise?

There's no denying it- we love celebrating birthdays. They are like mini-holidays on our schedule, a day when we are made to feel special. But when it is the birthday of someone really special, sometimes an ordinary birthday party just does not cut it.

Romantic Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend

So it's his birthday and you want to come up with something surprising and grand, and here's how you can do it. If your guy likes cakes, the only thing that he will love is your handmade cake straight out of your kitchen.

What To Get Your Best Friend For Her Birthday?

Everyone has that irrepressible foodie friend who is simply insatiable when it comes to hogging on culinary treats whenever and wherever possible! If your foodie friend has his/her birthday coming up, you do well to plan some creative surprises. Foodies deserve a whole new segment of their own and are hard to please with conventional gifts. You should get creative and plan a literally lip-smacking surprise for your dear foodie buddy on his/her birthday!

What To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

It's your man's birthday in a week and you have no idea what to get him. Sounds familiar? You bet it does. No matter how well you know your guy, it is always exhausting to find the perfect present, especially if you are putting your

Handmade Birthday Gifts Ideas For Best Friend

Having trouble thinking about what to do for your best friend’s birthday? Want to do something unique to make your best friend feel special? Then this is the right place for you. This time gift her something made with your own hands.

How to Give The Best Birthday Surprise to Her?

Birthdays are very special to each and every one no matter how old they are. They add a year full of stories and memories to your life. Birthdays of loved ones are even more special to their partner, and much thought needs to go in planning an awesome surprise or a gift for them.

Best Gift For Mom On Her Birthday

Gear up; it is your mother's birthday knocking on the door. The super woman, the all-rounder, the hero, who is always there for you deserves day full of surprises on her birthday.

Why Should You Travel On Your Birthday?

Conventionally, your birthday would call for a celebration and a huge party for all your friends and family. But how does that make your day special? You see, birthdays are meant for you, but parties entail the entertainment of others more than yourself.

How to Handle BFF Break up

A true friend is one who is always there in need. Breakups are very difficult to handle when it ends on a sad and bitter note. When your best friend-forever faces a breakup, being a true friend you have to support her.

Top 10 Breakup Party Ideas

Break up is really heart-rending and it requires much fun and excitement with your friends, to wash the grief away. First, you need to set your plans. Why are you throwing break up the party? To forget the painful moments and to enjoy your singlehood, right?

What To Do After A Breakup?

If you have just gone through a breakup, you might feel like everything has come to an end and there is nothing to cheer about. It is very natural to spend sleepless nights crying, but dear, there is so much more to life. You are just following the wrong route.

Top 7 Cake Designs For Anniversary

Anniversary is a special day for a couple which reminds them of the starting of their journey together which brought them closer and strengthened their love for each other. It is very important to celebrate this special day together in an amazing way so that you can cherish the memories later.

Difference Between Truffles and Chocolates

If you have a sweet tooth, then chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, truffles, dark chocolate bars and hot cocoa should certainly be your comfort food. Both truffles and chocolates are preferred options for many of us sweet lovers. However, there are some differences between them, which you might like to know.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

The season of festivities is upon us, and like all other specifics of your home decor, you should strategize the decoration of your Christmas tree. There is no guidebook to decorating the perfect tree- you can do it your way. But a couple of tips never do any harm, do they?

Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

To most of the people out there Christmas is the harbinger of festivity and decorating house is the most important part of the celebration. However, we often struggle to come up with new ideas each year to revamp our sweet home.

Best Christmas Celebrations Around the World

Nowadays Christmas is a worldwide festival, celebrated throughout the world from Asia to Europe, America and so on. Christmas is being celebrated by numerous people belonging to different religions. Christmas unites all people.

Unique Christmas Cake Designs

On the occasion of Christmas, it is delightful to send gifts to your family and friends and even bake cakes and pudding for them. The tradition of baking cakes for Christmas was first started by the English with their Christmas pudding.

Do's & Don'ts of Giving Business Gifts

It is a well known practice of sending gifts to your partners or employees when you are into a business. If you are giving presents, then you should be aware of some of the things that you should and should not do. There are some items that you should avoid purchasing, especially overly expensive ones.

Top 10 Best Bollywood Proposals Ever

Love is a colourful emotion and often the movies we watch mould our perspectives of how we see love. Bollywood has given us some timeless love stories like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Bollywood has produced so many romantic movies over the years and not only that,

Missing You Songs - Have You Heard Them All?

Missing someone you love is not always a happy feeling certainly. There are many 'missing you' songs for when you really miss someone very close to your heart. Some people read up old conversations, some smile without reason, others listen to missing you songs and then they miss them all the more. These missing you songs really reminds you that you love someone.

How to Choose The Right Rose for Every Occasion?

If you are looking for a rose for every single occasion, then you should make sure to know what each one means. There are different colors that should be used for weddings, funerals, romance, get well, thank you and more. Ensure that you are aware of which shades should be used so that you are expressing exactly what you want to.

Did You Know Interesting Facts About Flowers?

Whether they are decorated in the vase on the table, taking over your garden or blooming at the side of the road flowers always give a pretty look as you look at them. These are some of the bests of nature's gifts that possess unbelievable characteristics that are unknown to the human world.

How to Choose Flower for Every Occasion

Flowers are the best and perfect gifts that one can think of, irrespective of the occasion. Whether you are thinking of surprising your loved one or planning a surprise birthday party, flowers never fail to bring smiles.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh For a Long Time?

Freshly cut flower stands have always been one of our most favourite buys. It can brighten up any dull space in our homes as easily as it can brighten our moods. We find the flowers we buy wilt within a short span.

Why Do Women Like Flowers?

The depths of a woman's psyche are probably the most intriguing in this vast and sumptuous creation. Men since ages have been in awe of the thought process and the sentiments of women. Deciphering her choices and decisions can be one of the most difficult things to do.

Why Do People Send Flowers?

Irrespective of the occasion, flowers remain to be one of the most popular choices of gifts for all of us universally. Flowers are an item that people choose as gifts for various types of occasions. This has been in practice for a long time now that is followed by people of various cultures in different parts of the world.

Which Flowers are perfect to Say Sorry?

All of us, at some point in our lives, end up making mistakes, which can be trivial yet massive. These mistakes might end up hurting someone close to us unintentionally. Just feeling sorry is not enough as it needs to be conveyed to the person you have hurt.

Do Flowers Make The Best Birthday Gifts?

If you are thinking of sending flowers for a birthday, then you should make sure that the person is fond of flowers. Flowers are simple to order and can make anyone happy, especially if you choose the right bloom. The blooms that you send can speak for you

Wedding Flowers By Season

Flowers play a significant role in wedding parties as without vibrant flower decoration the venue would look pale and gloomy. Colorful flowers provide positivity, smile, and strength and create a feel-good environment at the wedding hall.

Traits of Every Good Friend

Having really good friends is something that is possible only for the luckiest. Not every person in the world can be good friends and with the world becoming more and more competitive, finding good friends is increasingly becoming tough.

Bachelorette Party Ideas for Best Friend

The bachelorette party is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable days for a woman who is about to get married. A similar party is also enjoyed by the groom-to-be and is known as the bachelor party. Though the party is supposed to bid farewell to the carefree days of

What To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

If you spot a man looking nervous, jittery and helpless, chances are that he has no idea what to get his girl for her birthday. It is definitely difficult to select a gift for a woman, mainly because there are fourteen thousand different options to choose from.

Start a Great Flower and Bakery Business

Starting a new business may sometimes be problematic. There would be a lot of pressure gathering the initial investment amount and there is no knowing if the business would be successful or not.

Modernised the Flower Industry in the Countrys

Floriculture is among one of the coolest businesses in the world if it is pursued properly. There are not many people in the world who do not like flowers and that is why most people consider it as a great choice for gifts.

What are some of the Profitable Franchise Options?

Every independent person desiring to be financially stable, would like to start his/her own business. The business starts with people having their own wonderful ideas by carefully observing the world and the patterns that it follows.

7 Friendship Goals for BFF

Friends are supposed to be a lot of fun. They are your shelter and retreat from the outside world and help you survive the harsh vagaries of daily life. Friends are often the ones who help you accept reality but in a way that makes you calm enough to boldly face it without struggles or tears.

Top 10 Funky Gift Ideas

The market is filled with conventional gifts. Selecting a good gift is tricky on its own, and making it unique is even more difficult. But, it is possible to come up with a gift that is completely unheard of or not that common. Here are some cool, funky and unusual gift ideas suitable for any occasion.

Unique Gifts Ideas For A Guy's Birthday

Looking for some unique ideas for a guy's birthday? Looks like you just landed on the right platform. There are so many ideas to make his day special and grand. Start with a birthday wish at midnight. Everyone loves to be wished on their special day and so don't wait for the morning

Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Your child just celebrated his /her fifth birthday and you had many little kiddos come over with hearts full of love and arms laden with gifts. They enjoyed the part, true, but can you let them go empty-handed?

Is Saying 'Sorry' Important In Relationship?

It is said that true relationships don't just happen. They take time, patience and two lovely people, who truly love each other and want to be together always. It is a union of two flawed souls refusing to give upon each other and always stand together no matter what.

7 Best Ways of Saying Sorry in a Relationship

Forgiveness is the finest type of love. It takes a strong one to say that they are sorry and a much stronger person to forgive. We do not apologize because we are at fault sometimes but because our precious relationship means a lot more than our ego.

How to Apologize to Girlfriend for Hurting Her

Sometimes, words and actions can hurt more than we intend them to. Fights are part and parcel of every relationship, and there is no avoiding them. But, some things we say and do in the heat of the moment really cut deep in the other person's mind,

How to Make Her First Mother's Day Special?

Is your wife or any other loved one gearing up to celebrate Mother's Day for the very first time? It is a special event that is worthy of a grand celebration without a doubt. This will be a commemoration of all her struggles throughout pregnancy,

Mother's Day Is Not Just About Mothers

We love our mothers, don't we? They'€™ve brought us into this world. They have raised us, educated us, loved and cared for us- we owe our entire existence to our mothers. Countries and cultures all over the world have one day in the year dedicated to the celebration of mothers and all that they do for us.

Why New Year Resolutions Never Work 90%

Every year most of the people make some resolutions and only very few strive for them. There are many reasons behind this failure. To start with most people do not even know what they really want and make some resolutions which do not suit their soul.

Most Common New Year Resolutions

The end of the year might be tearful to some while joyous to others. Either way, everybody likes to resolute new missions for the coming year hoping to spend the future with greater control over their life.

How to take care of a Poinsettia

Poinsettia is a well-known plant species which has been grown in Egypt from the 1860s onwards when it came from Mexico. It is known as the consuls daughter which is a reference to Joel Roberts Poinsett, the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico who introduced it in the United States.

Top 6 Plants that Bring Good Luck

No matter what your job is, the office can be a stressful place. The tension and pressure encountered in the workplace can have an adverse effect on your health. While you cannot escape reality all together, there are ways in which you can reduce the stress in your work environment.

How to Care For a Lucky Bamboo Plant

As per sentiments and beliefs of many people, the bamboo plant is considered to be a lucky element. People in Taiwan and in China believe that a lucky bamboo plant in the office or at home can help you to attract a better index of luck and well being.

8 Ways Aloe Vera can be Used for Skin, Hair & Weight Loss!

Aloe Vera is the superhero of the houseplant kingdom. Period. Not only does it benefit the home in more ways than one, but it can also grow almost anywhere in direct sunlight. Being of African origin, the plant can survive in very high temperatures with scanty water supply. The plant does not mind being neglected, which makes it the perfect addition to a busy household.

7 Best Household Plants According To Vastu

Both Vastu and Feng Shui believe that house plants help to maintain the flow and balance of energy in a household. They can also affect the health, prosperity and fortune of the inhabitants. On the other hand, if the plants are not compliant with Vastu,

Best Indoor Plants to Keep for Good Health

Home, sweet home. Really, there is no such place as our residential apartment. However, even if your living space is immaculately clean, there is a chance that you may catch certain diseases. Scary, isn't it?

3 Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

For those who are getting married, one of the most essential things to ensure is what style of wedding bouquets they will buy. These can be traditional or unique depending on the style or the flowers that you like.

Top 7 Best Winter Flowers

Hello readers! It is little-chilly outside, isn't it? This is because winter is knocking at the door with all its colourful sweet smelling flowers to adorn your garden. Do you wish to enjoy a spectacular garden with vibrant flowers and a cup of coffee in the morning?

Anniversary Cake Decor Ideas

Be it birthdays or anniversaries, none of the merry occasions is quite complete without the ceremonial cake cutting. Nowadays the varieties of cakes that are available are mind boggling.

Bedroom Decor Tips for Anniversary Celebrations

Weddings are a grand affair all over the world. Every culture and tradition has their own rituals and ceremonies but at the end of the day everybody wants this auspicious day to be special. People go to great lengths to make it a perfect day for themselves.

Don't Have A Valentine? Here's Who Else To Savor

Hug Day, Rose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day etc. can be celebrated with friends, family members as well as your spouse or your soul mate. However, kiss day is a day which you can celebrate only with your beloved. A kiss is a very intimate moment and you can only share it with your companion for life.

Last Minute Preparation Tips for Boyfriend's B'Day

Hug Day, Rose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day etc. can be celebrated with friends, family members as well as your spouse or your soul mate. However, kiss day is a day which you can celebrate only with your beloved. A kiss is a very intimate moment and you can only share it with your companion for life.

The Significance of Different Roses on Rose Day

If you are planning to propose to your dream girl or dream man then this day can definitely be an excellent pick. Apart from gifting roses you can also spend this day doing a number of other things that you like.

Add Innovative Proposal to Flower Bouquet on Rose Day

Valentine's Day fever starts gripping us a week before the actual day. But the day of love cannot come all by itself. It is preceded by other special days and rose day is one such day. The Valentine week starts with Rose day on the 7th of February.

Top DIY Ideas for Birthdays

Birthdays are a grand affair universally. Every country in the world has its own traditions and festivals but when it comes to birthdays they all speak the same language. From cakes to decorations to gifts, everyone hopes to have all the boxes ticked for their special day. Gifts are one of the most cherished traditions of a birthday celebration.

Unique Ways to Celebrate Hug Day

A hug is one of the best gestures that helps in immediately establishing a connection between two individuals. This act helps in establishing a bond amongst two people who are not familiar to each other.

What to Get Him on your 25th Anniversary?

When it comes to choosing a gift, you have to bring out the essence of your relationship with your better half courtesy the gift that you choose. Your husband deserves a sweet surprise that fittingly commemorates your journey together.

What to Gift a Man?

When it comes to choosing a gift, you have to bring out the essence of your relationship with your better half courtesy the gift that you choose. Your husband deserves a sweet surprise that fittingly commemorates your journey together.

Birthdays & Cakes? Here's Tracing the Connection

People often complain that gifting a lady is easy, considering the wide range of options available, but when comes to a man, the options are strictly limited between wallets, sunglasses, watches and clothes.

Tips to Make 1st Anniversary Special of Your Child

Has your son or daughter just got married? You should definitely give a thought towards celebrating their first anniversaries in style. Even after your children get married you don't stop showering them with your love.

Humorous Anniversary Gifts for Special Couples

A gift is always a special entity and speaks volumes. Every gift that we give must convey something about the kind of bond that we share with the other person to whom it is addressed. But hunting for gifts is a time consuming and tough job.

Masks to Cooler Dabbas Commute Friendly Gift Ideas

Innovation is the way to go when selecting gifts for loved ones. More than half of our country's population belongs to the working class and thus more often than not, have to commute long distances either by their own personal transport or by public transport to reach their professional destinations.

Biggest Don'ts on Your Girlfriend's Birthday

Relationships are tricky and birthdays are trickier. Birthdays are both relationship builders and breakers. Though not in theory but in a relationship, your every move is noted and calculated by the other person, and for every time you slip, you will be dealt an apt counter!

Surprise your Father on his Birthday

Fathers are the pillars of our strength. They might remain silent many a time but it is their motivation that keeps us going through all our struggles. It would be nice if fathers could cry and express their emotions and let out their feelings,

How to Keep her Happy on your Anniversary

Finding the right gift for your loved ones is a mammoth task for anyone. You want to bring out the essence of your relationship with the person with the gift that you choose. Especially if you are looking for anniversary gifts then you do not want to let down your spouse.