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Flower Delivery UK

Flower Delivery UK

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    Delivered at: Surrey, SE
    Occasion: Anniversary
  • Mixed Lilies
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    Delivered at: London, SE
    Occasion: Anniversary
  • Dawn Arrangement
    5 5
    "Love the service"
    Delivered at: London, Ld
  • Sunshine Radiance
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    "Your Indian website has better flower collection than the UK website"
    Delivered at: Berkshire, SW
  • Jade Arrangement
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    "Your customer care at call centre is good. Ishwaresh helped us resolve our problem. We are happy with him but disappointed by online customer care since they refused to help us with a small request of preponing the day by one day."
    Delivered at: London, LD
  • 32 British Alstroemeria
    5 5
    "AWESOME =O"
    Delivered at: London, Se
    Occasion: birthday
  • 32 British Alstroemeria
    5 5
    "Along with flowers there must be other things to be gifted i.e. balloons for kidsand toys too."
    Delivered at: Coventry, MS
    Occasion: anniversary
  • Ava Arrangement
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    "Very pleasant experience, look forward to interacting with FNP again :)"
    Delivered at: London, LD
    Occasion: anniversary
  • Butterflies and Roses
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    "I liked the way the other was delivered on time as promised. The hamper in India was exactly the same as ordered but in international delivery it was not exactly same, specially bouquet. It will be better if it is."
    Delivered at: London, SE
    Occasion: birthday
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Send Flowers To UK Online & Greet Your Loved Ones During Special Festivals

Life is not only about the 9-5 jobs, running after your kids, or clearing confusion with your significant others! Although these mentioned things are part and parcel of life which you simply cannot leave. But apart from these regular activities, there are some days in the 365 days calendar that bring much joy to hearts. These days are a bit different from the regular days and are called “special occasion” or “festival”. These special days definitely demand a nice gift. The world of gifts is surely a vast one but nothing seems to compete with the flawless beauty of flowers. Flowers are perhaps the oldest gift types in world history. So, when you have your friends and relatives in London, you can greet them on special occasions with flowers. So, simply send flowers to London UK from online Florist and make them happier. Along with flowers, you can also send gifts to London for your loved ones.

Explore Our Large Floral Collection To Buy Various Flowers Online In UK

Flowers are the symbol of love, care, prosperity, hope, growth, happiness, abundance, beauty, purity, joy, brightness, and good luck. Flowers have been used as a gift since ancient times and until today, this gift type has not lost its glory a bit. Our local florist in UK are continuously trying to create something unique with the gorgeous flowers so that it makes your special days memorable. Here are Our Variety of Flowers that you can deliver in UK on various occasions:-

  • Roses 
  • It is the most famous flower in the world. Roses symbolize love, honor, faith, wisdom, courage, balance, beauty, passion, timelessness, sensuality, and romance. The red roses are for romantic love and must be presented to your significant other. The pink ones refer to “love at first sight” and also works well as a token of appreciation. The yellow ones refer to cheerfulness and friendship. Explore our gorgeous collection of roses by sending flowers UK to surprise your loved ones.

  • Lilies
  • The flower with big petals and charming fragrance symbolize royalty, motherhood, fertility, purity, renewal, and youth. Present the vase arrangement or bunch of lilies in UK to your loved ones when they are starting something new.

  • Orchids
  • The decorative flower refers to thoughtfulness, refinement, love, beauty, and luxury. To deck up your home for any occasion, this flower is just a perfect one. As a father’s day, New Year, or Christmas gift, you can get orchids.

  • Carnations
  • It is known as “flower of gods”. In ancient times, carnations were used as a “secret code of love”. Some also believe that as it took birth from the teardrops of Mother Mary, so it is the best mother’s day flower. But it is equally popular as a for a birthday, congratulations, or wedding decoration.

  • Azalea
  • This delicate flower implies passion, abundance, femininity, wealth, temperance, intelligence, and beauty. As a gift of love, you can present this flower to express your love for a special person.

  • Tulips
  • Tulips are one of the most gorgeous flowers in the earth and are immensely popular too. It signifies enduring love, passion, romance, abundance, charity, beauty, and royal bearings. Get this flower in bunches and bouquets for your precious friends and relatives on any special day!

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Chrysanthemums refer to non-romantic affection, lasting friendship, love for family members, devotion, loyalty, and cheerfulness. This would be a great flower to greet your best buddies!

These Ravishing Flowers are Available in the Following Manner

Flower Bunches: Flower bunches look casual and unadorned. So, send flower UK to surprise your loved once.

Flower Bouquets: Flower bouquets are mostly decorated with colorful paper, jute, raffia, or cloth that adds a perfect glamor to the flowers.

Flower Vase Arrangements: Colorful flowers are presented beautifully in vases of various shapes and sizes. These are perfect as home décor items!

Flower Basket Arrangements: Cane baskets are used to place the vivacious flowers of various types and colors and are a great gift idea to surprise someone on birthday or anniversary.

Flower Tea Pot Arrangements: Flowers in teapots – can it get more creative? Order this spectacular floral arrangement and elevate the good looks of your home.

Flower Box Arrangements: A classic way of proposing romantic love is a single stalk of flower in a sleek box. Order this flower box arrangement to impress your lady love!

Here are Some of the Notable Festivals During Which You Can Greet Your Loved Ones with Flowers in United Kingdom

Valentine’s Day (14th February): Valentine’s Day is the day of love and perhaps need no special introduction. On This day you send online valentine flower to UK to express their heartfelt love for someone special. Pick up the bouquet of red roses or mixed color roses to say those magical words of love.

St. David’s Day (1st March): Those living in Wales & Welsh celebrate this day as a tribute to St. David. Some people pin a daffodil or leek to their clothes as a token of respect. People generally feast together and thus you must greet your loved ones by sending lovely flowers to them.

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day (5th March): Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Day and is observed on the day before Lent begins. In today’s time, there are fewer people who fast on this day and instead choose to have minimal food and as pancakes are made with minimal ingredients – it is preferred. So, along with yummy pancakes, you can also add more cheerfulness to this day with flowers.

St. Patrick’s Day (17th March): It is a cultural & religious celebration among people in the United Kingdom (UK). People get involved in song, dance, parade, and feast. So, you can bring charming flowers home to decorate the interiors or use them to greet your loved ones.

Mother’s Day (31st March): Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood and pays a tribute to the love and dedication of all the mothers. You must definitely not forget to make her feel special on this day. So, send mother’s day flowers to UK like pink carnations or a bouquet of yellow lilies and let her know that she is the best person in this whole world.

Father’s Day (16th June): Just like mothers, fathers are equally crucial in the life of the children. This is a day to recognize the contribution of fathers in the life of their children and you should make an effort to let him know that he is special. Explore our range of elegant flowers from florist in UK and greet him on this day.

Diwali (27th October): Diwali – the festival of light is celebrated to put an end to all evil powers. On this day people wear bright and new clothes, clean and decorate their home with diyas or candles, and have a great time in the company of friends & relatives and lavish food & desserts. A thrilling bouquet of multi-colored flowers would be a perfect Diwali gift!

Hanukkah (22nd December): This is a Jewish festival that commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. It is also famously called the festival of lights and in London, a massive menorah is ignited with candles for the Menorah lighting ceremony in Trafalgar Square. So, on this day, greet your Jewish friends and relatives with vibrant flower gifts!

Christmas (25th December): This is the “happy birthday” of Jesus Christ and people expect gifts from a fabled Santa Claus. Well, the truth is, the near and dear ones only send Christmas gifts to each other and become a Santa to each other. Keeping the color theme of this festival intact, you can send red and white flowers to your loved ones.

New Year (31st December-1st January): An alluring bunch/bouquet/arrangement of roses, lilies, orchids, etc. would be the perfect way to raise a toast to another new year and forgetting the gloom of the yesteryear.

Send Flowers to UK from Various International Locations

Flowers are the most suitable gifts for any occasion because they impress beyond words. Whether you have to express your sympathy, apology, appreciation or gratitude towards someone special, doing it with blossoms is the best choice. You can send flowers to UK from USA, China, Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia to wish your dear ones residing there on birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarming occasions. Ranging from bright carnations to velvety roses, daisies to lovely lilies, we have fresh flowers in different shades that you can order online from the comfort of your home to send flowers to UK from any country. Apart from offering attractive flower bouquets and arrangements for different occasions, Ferns N Petals also help deliver them to several domestic and international destinations. Your dear ones will like to receive flowers as a token of your love that will fill their abode with beauty and positivity.

Send Valentine’s Day Flowers to Your Lover In the UK Online

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and romance with the person you love the most in this world. He/she brings peace and comfort in your life like no one else. What can bring out the deepest emotions of your heart better than roses? So, this Valentine’s Day, get Valentine’s Day roses delivery in UK online and surprise your sweetheart. Apart from the gorgeous bunches, bouquets, or vase/basket/box arrangement of red, pink, yellow, and white roses, you can also opt for the Forever Roses. Forever Roses are specially imported from Ecuador and will last up to 2 years. Alongside flowers, you can also send chocolates, teddy bears, personalized gifts, hampers, etc. To send these amazing Valentine gifts to UK, you can use our same-day and next-day delivery services.

FAQs Related to Flower Delivery UK

Ques. Does Ferns N Petals Provide same-day, next-day flower delivery in UK?

Ans. Yes, Ferns N Petals provide same-day flower delivery in UK

What Kind of Flowers You Can Send to UK Via Ferns N Petals?

Ans.You can send Lilies, Roses, Carnation, mixed flowers, tulip, and forever roses from Ferns N Petals.

Can I send Flowers to UK from India and other countries via Ferns N Petals?

Ans. Yes, you can send flowers to UK from India, USA, Canada, and other international countries through Ferns N Petals.

Does Ferns N Petals Provides free Shipping in United Kingdom?

Ans. Yes, Ferns N Petals provides free shipping for Forever Roses in the UK.

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