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The History Of Birthday Cakes

The traditions and practices related to birthdays and birthday cakes in the west are pretty interesting. According to what they follow, the birthday cake is often decorated with the person’s name on it. If not, the cake will be designed in such a way or the theme will be such that it will reflect the person’s personality or interests or habits. As for the word cake, it is of Scandinavian origin related to the Swedish ‘kaka’ and danish ‘kage’.

The present day celebration with the cake is the culmination of various traditions from various cultures from all over the earth. In the west, the origin of the birthday cakes is connected with the seasonal cycle and in celebration of the gods. In the east, the chinese came up with cakes to honour the seasonal cycle of the moon and in honour of their lunar goddess. As per contemporary chinese culture, people make moon cakes made out of rice and eat them at the harvest moon festival.

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Another interesting thing is the shape of the cake. The round shape is symbolic of the cyclic nature of life. Then, comes the variety of cakes that has evolved over the years. Like the Black Forest Cake for Birthday, this is the current trend.

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