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Send Lucky Bamboo with Ferns N Petals to any Destination

Want to bring in good luck to your friend’s family or to your colleague’s life? Shop for our online bamboo plants. These plants have been kept under proper condition to ensure that none of the plants dry down. If you are looking for a gift that best suits corporate gifting, you can buy indoor/outdoor bamboo plant online, which will come as an instant delight for many. If you are pressed for time because of your hectic schedule, you can send bamboo plants online with a click of the mouse to any preferred location of your choice. You can send bamboo plant online India and international destination.

With the festive season on, you often plant to accessorize your home. Let this festive season be adorned with the green vibe. Buy plants online for home and accessorize you living space with these online lucky bamboo plants. If you are looking for a particular style of lucky bamboo, tree bamboo, bamboo shoots, clumping bamboo, you can shop for it online. Our portal showcases myriad options of indoor plants online too. The plants are of superior quality which is why people prefer to shop from us.

Offer Bamboo Plant  for Better Health

Bamboos are an important part of Chinese Feng Shui and are known to have multiple benefits. They are known to contain the five important elements of Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal and Water that are known to bring good luck and positivity in your life. These lucky Bamboo plants are a wonderful component that can serve as a perfect mother’s day gift hampers for your special mother.

The different stalks of the bamboo are known for different significance and are increasingly preferred by people all over the world. They can be easily seen inside any homes and tops the list of the most famous mother’s day plants that are gifted by the people. So, make these lucky bamboo plant a part of your home and bring good luck along with them.

Lucky Bamboo Types - Ferns N Petals

Spiral Bamboo It is a specially grown variety of lucky bamboo and has the botanical name of Dracaena sanderiana. It is very easy to grow and is considered as a symbol of luck or money by the people. It does not acquire the spiral shape naturally and it is a time consuming process.
2 Layer BambooThe lucky bamboo is said to improve Feng Shui and creates a safe and energized environment. The lucky bamboo towers help in directing the Feng Shui and can light up your future. It can easily grow without the soil in the few inches of water.
3 Layer BambooLucky Bamboo plants are the perfect gift item for any occasion and stand for wealth, happiness and longevity. It is believed that bamboo attracts the auspicious chi energy. Further, the number of stalks determines the kind of energy which the plant can bring to your home.
Feng Shui BambooThe bamboo plant is the most popular cures for Feng Shui related problems in home or office. The plant teaches the owner to be flexible and hollow on the inside for the hassle free flowing of the spirit and healing.
Curly BambooIt is one of the species of Dracaena and is a native of the Southeast Asia and west tropical Africa. The Curly bamboo plant can be easily grown in a simple dish of water with the minimum requirement of frequent water changes and proper lighting conditions.
Clumping BambooThe plant grows in the big clump of grass that grows upwards. This bamboo variety is best recommended in the situations where you have a well behaved bamboo stand in your garden which can allow easy spreading of the plant.
Twisted BambooThis bamboo variety does not require direct sunlight and grows well in water and filtered shade. It needs to be provided with a temperature below 40 degrees to ensure its proper growth and development.

Shopping Lucky Bamboo Plants has become Easier with the Online Portal

Our plants are sourced from the best nursery across the world. You can pick your favourite plant as we are one of the best online plant nursery in India to meet your ever increasing demand of plants and other plant related needs. All these plants are neatly packaged to ensure that they don’t get rotten on the way. We give you the opportunity to send online plants in India to express your strong affection.

Most of the people have this difficulty of keeping proper care of plants because of which most of the plants die. But these small & large bamboo plants require minimum care and can be delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. Moreover, all the plants that are available with us can be delivered to you in budget friendly prices too. Hence, it is a great way to please your friends, family and loved ones. Therefore, place the order of lucky bamboo plant online with us and you can be rest assured that the plants will be delivered to you without any delay. You can send plants to Bangalore or any other destination with our custom delivery options.

If you want the plants to be delivered to your loved ones the same day, you can send plants online with our express delivery options. Ferns N Petals, is an online portal which allows you to buy bamboo plants online India and get them delivered in the most pristine conditions. The portal has been serving its customers for more than 20 years which is why it has been easier for the customer to shop and deliver gifts for them. The portal has also worked on the logistics which allows them to send plants to Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi & 350 + cities quite easily.

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